About Us

About Us Page who we are our mission and our visionAt Blue Fire Boutique, we truly believe that the world revolves around YOU. At Blue Fire Boutique, we provide products that promotes Mental Health and Wellness and to teach others to learn how to start loving themselves.

We started this group for people suffering with Mental Health Illnesses to have a safe and supportive community of like-minded people to navigate through the journey of healing process.

As a person that have suffered personally from Trauma PTSD, the CEO of Blue Fire Boutique understand how hard it is some days to just get through the day mentally let alone physically. Even though she experienced her Trauma PTSD over 12 years ago, to this day, she is still learning coping skills to continue to heal her mind, body, and soul.

With the Covid-19 virus being so active and so many families suffering from grief, loss of jobs, and having to make tough decisions on how to live daily with the current conditions, she has noticed that a lot of people need more love and encouragement, more prayers and motivation; as well as, mental health resources to help navigate during this time of uncertainty.

The CEO decided to create a company, where she can use her platform to be a voice for others. She understands that many people have to constantly make tough and major decisions daily so she wanted to create and to provide products and resources for other victims suffering from Mental Health Illnesses. It is her personal mission to help heal and unite the human race as a whole. Together, we stand;divided we fall!

She firmly believes that in order to break generational curses; to end negative insights, and to break negative generational cycles and chains that are no longer important to grow into a better version of ourselves, is that we have to take a stand in unison to show that we will no longer accept this behavior and that a positive change is beyond needed.

In order to protect our future generations from suffering from these illnesses, we all have to start today to make those very necessary changes, to hold the offenders accountable, and to find ways in which we can heal from the pain, and to promote positive ideas that will make us united as a nation.
In order to live up to our National Anthem as well as the Pledge of Allegiance to our American Flag, we must stand on the right side of Justice, to live in a world of equality and to demote hate and promote love and kindness for one another regardless of their differences.

The CEO has personally committed herself to be a woman who will use her voice to end stigmas, to use her platform to spark those hard conversations that is needed in order for us to have a positive change for our future generations. She is committed to break curses that have cause division and to make “Good Trouble” in the words of the great late House of Representative John Lewis.

So join us in the fight, after all we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!