The World Revolves Around You...

We have always been told that "The World does NOT revolve around you!", however, it actually DOES!

Every day, you are faced with decisions to make. If you make a good decision... you get good results. If you make a bad decision, you have to suffer the consequences that come as a result of that bad decision. This is true in every aspect of your life.

At Blue Fire Boutique, it is our mission to go back to the basics and teach people how to love because we know that Love is the cure to Hate.

We know that today's society is filled with so much hatred. Hatred because of how someone look. Hatred of what people eat. Hatred for where people live. Hated simply because of the color of their skin or their disability.

At Blue Fire Boutique, we understand that all of these things play a major part in a person's mental health.

Statistically, 1 in every 5 Americans suffer from some sort of mental health issues.

So we are using our brand to promote awareness, to start having those hard but necessary conversations that are beyond needed, to be the change that is needed in the world, to advocate for people who cannot voice their opinions for this change.

Together, we can stand and finally live the dream that the late Nobel Peace Prize Winner Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr talked about when he had his dream!

Join us in the movement for change!

You and Your Mental Health Matters

The way that a person views themself as a person tells you about their character and their lifestyles.

Imagine what life would be like, if we all showed love, compassion, and kindness to one another.

It is our belief that when a person love him or her self, that he or she is unstoppable. Things wont get them mad. They will have created healthy boundaries and teach others how to respect them. They would not let toxic people in their lives. They would feel loved and valued.

This is just some of the things that we are on a mission to change for a better brighter future not only for us but for our future generations.